Berte's Brain Power Pack (4 items in pack)

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Description: There are few supplements that can help in SOME cases (not all).

Dementia and confusion can be caused by lot of issues, not to mention physical problems (infection, liver problems, tumors, renal issues) so always start out with a full veterinarian work up, including a complete blood panel and urinalysis.

If all those areas are clear, then you MIGHT try some supplements.

Number one would be to use a fresh diet, raw or home cooked for best nutrients. Some supplements that can help with cognition in dogs include: L-Acetyl Carnitine. I have seen this in many supplements and treats sold for pets, but in the wrong type, or just l-carnintine. Not the same thing and won't work. Fish oil. This is for omega 3, mainly DHA, which helps brain functioning. Fish oil (capsules, for integrity of the omega 3) work best. I have also seen something called Gold DHA, which is made from algae. But to date, studies have shown it is not as effective as DHA from fish.

I would also include B complex vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin D3. You can find all of these 3 (plus A and C) in the Berte's Immune Blend or Daily Blend. B vitamins help with neuro transmission in the brain and vitamin E is just a good anti-oxidant.

Dosage: See individual product profiles for dosage information.

Ingredients: Pack includes:

  • Berte's EPA 180-120 (200 softgels) Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Carlson Acetyl L-Carnitine Amino Acid Powder 3.53 oz (100gm)
  • Berte's Immune Blend 1 lb.
  • Solgar Liquid B Complex w/ B-12 Sublingual 2 oz (59 ml)

Information: We recommended these supplements when starting a new diet, especially a raw food diet. However, these supplements are appropriate for a home-cooked diet, too.

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Price: $104.22

Berte's Brain Power Pack (4 items in pack)

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