Berte's Fresh Food Pack (4 Items in 1 Pack)

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Description: Berte's Fresh Food Pack features:

  • All Zyme, a comprehensive blend of enzymes for digesting fat, bones, protein, carbohydrates and HCL to keep the system acidic.
  • Berte's Ultra Probiotic Powder keeps the beneficial bacteria levels high for a healthy digestion tract.
  • Berte's EPA Fish Oil contains the fatty acids necessary for skin and coat.
  • Berte's Daily Blend contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals from kelp and alfalfa.

Dosage: See individual product profiles for dosage information.

Ingredients: Pack includes: All Zyme (90 count), Berte's Ultra Probiotic Powder (1 lb), Berte's Daily Blend (1 lb) and Berte's EPA (200 count).

Information: We recommended these supplements when starting a new diet, especially a raw food diet. However, these supplements are appropriate for a home-cooked diet, too.

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