Berte's Kidney Pack ( 4 Products in Pack)

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Description: Berte's Kidney Pack includes Berte's EPA Fish Oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Bertes Immune Blend for the antioxidants and probiotics, and CoQ10, and Liquid B Complex with B 12.

Dosage: See individual product profiles for dosage information.

Ingredients: Pack includes: Berte's EPA Fish Oil (200 count), Bertes Immune Blend (16 oz), Carlson CoQ10 30mg (60 soft gels), and Solgar Liquid B Complex with B 12-2 fl oz (59 ml).

Information: The main functions of the kidneys are filtering the blood and excreting wastes products and excess water as urine. Many factors can contribute to kidney disorders (also called kidney or renal disease) including infectious disease, nutritional deficiencies, toxin exposure, changes in health, advanced age, or breed/hereditary tendencies. These factors can cause the kidneys to be less efficient at removing waste from the bloodstream and regulating body fluids. Kidney disease can be either sudden (acute) or occur gradually (chronic). Often the symptoms of kidney disease don't appear until more than two-thirds of kidney function are lost. EPA Fish Oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which support renal function. The Bertes Immune Blend contains antioxidants and probiotics that aid renal health. COQ10 is thought to help keep creatinine levels down in the blood work, and B Complex is renal supportive and B12 helps with keeping a good appetite.

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