Carlson Taurine Powder Free Form Amino Acd 3.53 oz(100g)

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Taurine is an important amino acid, that the body can make in small amounts, but mostly if found in the diet. Most taurine is found in meat, specifically beef, pork and chicken. Carbohydrates are a poor source and often high fiber (carbohydrates) diets block Taurine’s absorption. It is excellent to maintain good heart health and help dogs with current heart conditions. It can help lower high blood pressure, help with liver disease and helps keep a healthy retina. It is recommended for diabetes to help monitor glucose, and it is an antioxidant.

10 lb dog 1/16 Teaspoon daily

20 lb dog 1/8 Teaspoon daily

40 lb dog 1/4 Teaspoon daily

60 lb dog 3/8th Teaspoon daily

80 lb dog 1/2 Teaspoon daily

Each teaspoon provides 3.2 g of Taurine

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