Digestive Blend, L-Glutamine - Muscle Strength


Thank you for all your hard work and research...you've certainly made a difference in the lives of my Bichons! Thanks to your articles on the b-naturals web site, I started giving Millie (5) & Wynnie (4) Digestion Blend along with their other supplements. Millie's grass-induced vomiting has diminished greatly, and the improvements in Wynnie are miraculous!

Wynnie is my special-needs dog because she has always been very noise phobic and skittish around certain people and things...really there's no rhyme or reason to her behavior. Wynnie hates to be groomed despite behavior modification, melatonin, flower essences and lots of patience. Two weeks after starting the Digestion Blend, Wynnie was a perfect angel for the groomer! Needless to say, I cried...tears of joy. The Digestion Blend is the only change I had made in her diet or routine. Wynnie also has a problem with weakness/uncoordination in her legs because she slides all over the hardwood floors if she relaxes the least bit and she tends to drag her feet on leashed walks so her paws are always grey/black. After her last grooming, I noticed her paws didn't get black after walking around the block one time like they usually do. I paid more attention the next time around and noticed that she was actually picking up her feet. My guess is that the l-glutamine in the Digestion Blend is helping to strengthen her muscles, enabling her to walk better. I hope it continues to improve.


After seeing the great results in Millie & Wynnie, I have since recommended the Digestion Blend for two other Bichons, and they are having great results as well. I've tried to find a similar product for myself, but can't seem to find anything that has it all like your Digestion Blend does. Do you have any recommendations?


Thanks a bunch,

Loflin F.,

Memphis, TN