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DMG Stops Dog's Seizures

I just wanted to send you this little note regarding this newsletter and the use of DMG in controlling seizures in dogs. My sister has a little 2 year old dog that survived distemper as a puppy and as a result has had a very serious and very difficult to control seizure disorder, we were almost at the point of having to euthanize her as she is on 3 antiepileptic drugs and was still having seizures daily! After receiving this newsletter and doing a little research of our own we went out and bought some of DMG mentioned in this article, 6 days after starting the DMG her seizures stopped COMPLETELY! She has had no seizure activity at all now for almost 3 weeks and her energy seems better that is has since before she was sick with the distemper, she is like a puppy again, which she never really got to be because of the Distemper! Your newsletter could not have come at a better time! I would venture to say that the DMG saved her life, we had tried everything included accupuncture and holistic treatments but nothing seem to be helping stop the seizures and she was on so many AED that she was very dopey and clumsy. She is like a new dog now! Thank you for providing these wonderful newsletters that I always learn something from.