Flexile Plus - Arthritis, Dysplasia


Hi Lew, Gina and I were talking about ears, and she forwarded me your email. I (Joanie, with little Golden Shiloh aka Cinderella..) just wanted to say hi and say I'm thinking of you with the failing health of your dog, and tell you how great I thought the last newsletter was-I have 3 healthy dogs and I already spend way too much time in fear of their eventual and inevitable decline-so I'm putting his ideas into practice already!


OK, don't think I give out testimonials lightly, because I don't...but (here I go again..) Travis, my 5 y.o. with some hip dysplasia and arthritis, has been on some kind of glucosamine supplement for a long time-I kept asking Tracey at Bones2Go for your Flexile Plus, but she was always out, (although I saw today that she has some) so I finally ordered some directly from B-Naturals a few months ago...and I swear, he has become much more spunky-everyone has noticed it, so now we call Flexile Plus "the fountain of youth!" I keep meaning to let you know, I thought you'd like to hear that.


Thinking of you,

Joanie, Travis, Pecos and Shiloh