Home cooking success for Shih Tzu....


I just wanted to send you a quick note. . .I have the Shih Tzu with the
"touchy" stomach.  I am happy to report today was her fourth day of
"home cooking" and she is doing great!!  She loves the food, in fact she
dances all over the kitchen while I am whipping up a batch of food, she
can hardly wait til I put it on the floor for her.  Then she gobbles it right
down and licks the bowl clean.  She seems to have boundless energy
now and in fact my mother-in-law commented yesterday how much "peppier"
she seems.  I did end up adding a small amount of brown rice to the
recipe just because I felt her stool needed to be bulked up a little after
all the diarrhea.  I have ordered Omega 3 fatty acids and Berte's
Immune Blend from y'all and am anxiously waiting for those to arrive,
especially because I can tell her fur has been without fatty acids for several
weeks.  So I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for nudging me
into home cooking and for your wonderful products, but especially for
spending some time emailing back and forth with me.  I will be a customer for
lifeand will definitely recommend your products to other caring parents
of "fur-kids"!!
Thanks again,