Bertes Digestion Blend (1 lb.)


Berte's Digestion Blend is fantastic. A friend recommended it to me when I told her that my dog was having serious intestinal problems. My dog needed several courses of antibiotics to treat his problem and the vet suggested that I give probiotics during treatment. I also added the Digestion Blend per my friend's advice. Luckily, my dog is now doing well and I am continuing to include the Digestion Blend in his food every day. I had always accepted stress colitis and food sensitivity as part of my dog's life. Even my vet said he would never be free of digestive problems. Since I've been using Digestion Blend my dog is free of colitis even when he shows, travels, or eats unfamiliar dog treats. He is feeling well and looking great now that he doesn't have constant intestinal discomfort. I would recommend that anyone dealing with persistent intestinal problems with their dog try Digestion Blend. It could be the answer!
Date Added: 10/02/2010 by Rory Maruschak