Rottweiler Heart Problems

Our family has had Rottweiler’s all my life and we love them like family.
We've had pets and show dogs but inevitably we ran into health problems. The
worst was bone cancer. After we lost our second dog from metastasis’s from
bone cancer we were not going to get another Rottie, it was too hard. But my
parents decided they would go out of state and try again to see if getting
out of our regional gene pool might do the trick. The breeder had the dogs
on a raw diet and was convinced that it was better for their health. My
parents continued to feed her a raw diet and she seemed to do well… but then
she started developing a problem in her from leg. We took her in to several
different veterinarians and after months of tests they told us she had a
rare but deadly cancer, synovial sarcoma. We were devastated. They told us
it was much worse than bone cancer, spreads more quickly and we probably
would only have a few more months with her.  She was 106 lbs and so we opted
out of amputation and decided to just let her live her remaining life best
she could, we didn't want to traumatize her worse. I had Dr. Lew Olson’s
book Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs and read the bit about how to adapt
the diet for cancer, we followed the recommended changes and it has now been
over a YEAR since her diagnosis and she’s still with us! She’s has her ups
and downs and her leg is consumed with cancer, as I’m sure is the rest of
her poor body, but she’s still happy. Even being so sick she gets up to
greet everyone, goes out to chase rabbits with my puppy and has the energy
to play with toys. I don’t know how much more time we have with her but I
honestly believe it is because of the raw diet and specific cancer
recommendations in Lew Olson’s book that we have been able to have her in
our lives this long! Thank you!

-- Hannah Pennington