Service dog Luna with allergies

Hi Lew,

I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you personally.
I look at Luna, my 7 year old Golden, these days with such joy.  She
was such a sick puppy with her allergies!  With the help of Atopica
and all your advice - the Immune Blend, the fish oil and some raw
food added to her kibble, the shampoo on your website, and other
advice, nobody would believe she is the same dog.  Her coat was thin
and awful looking.  She was sad and uncomfortable. Now her coat is so
thick and luxurious, her ruff looks like a lion!  It is shiny too.
All her sores are gone.  If there is a flare up, I can get it calmed
down in a day or so.

The biggest gift is that as my service dog she can go out in public
with me again which I need. I was heartbroken because she is my
service dog but she didn't want to go out and I was too worried about
her too much and left her home.  That was hard for me. Now she isn't
scratching and licking all the time and unlike before she is eager to
go with me places. We are both so much happier.

Thank you so much!!!

Sarah and Luna