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For several years, B-Naturals newsletter have been a reference newsletter that contains compiled qualified and resourceful canine nutrition information by category. Great 'one-stop' resource when you need or want to find specific information on a health issue.

Pure Care Shampoo is a blend of deep-penetrating organic compounds that heal damaged skin with tearless cleansers and natural emollients. This synergistic formula of pure plant extracts, natural oatmeal and sweet almond oil, soothes and heals flea bite and allergic dermatitis, dandruff, hot spots, seborrhea, and dermal inflammation. prod #30003 & #7006Hac Kidni-Biotic is a very powerful and fast-acting herbal alternative to antibiotics for urinary tract infections including cystitis (bladder) and nephritis (kidneys). Kidni Biotic-Cleanse & Rejuvenate targets bacteria which create irritation and inflammation. prod #128