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Possible shipping address issue!

Nov 09, 2023

Nancy Pasanen

Something very weird happened! We had a shipping issue that apparently happened in cyberspace that we are still checking on to prevent.  Here's what happened.  A customer placed an order that ended up being shipped to her friend's house.  She had some time previously sent her friend a gift from a different website and so made that shipping address for that item to her friend.  Then when she ordered from us, the system somewhere put her friend's address in the shipping address form on our website.  All we have been able to theorize so far, is that the other website perhaps uses the same shipping system that we do, and that the system thought she had a new shipping address.  Therefore, especially with holidays approaching and sometimes using an alternate shipping address, my suggestion to everyone is be sure to check that the billing address and shipping addresses are correct.  Be sure to take a couple of seconds to double check things so you get the things you order in a timely manner.