• !!Great News!! B-naturals.com will continue to be your one stop shop for your pets' nutritional needs. We would like to introduce Robert and Nancy who will continue to produce, pack, and ship your B-nats orders. Lew will still be on board to guide you through your pet's nutritional needs. For inquiries go to - our contact page or for Consultations: lewolson@earthlink.net

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  • Hello from Bob & Nancy! Great news: The b-naturals online store is still open for your business!

    We are proud to announce that since Mike announced his retirement we have been working behind the scenes to be ready to meet your needs for the same high quality product you have always expected from Berte’s Naturals. We have been operating a small mixing/blending facility for some years now, but in the past were mainly providing products for all ages of dairy cattle. However, we were approached nearly a year ago to mix the powders for Mike that he packaged and shipped to you, the consumer. Therefore, we are very familiar with the products and now have the opportunity to become familiar with you, the end user.

    You will notice that very little has changed. The formulas will absolutely not be changed. They have a proven track record based on science and expertise beyond ours. The names will not be changed. We will continue with the same amounts in containers. We are not going to change the prices any time soon.

    You will notice some changes that we consider minor. The shape of the one-pound jar is different. Of all things, there is a current shortage of plastic. We had to shop around, but we found something that we believe will work.

    The label looks different. We are located in Wisconsin and we have to get the label approved in this state. We are working with state officials to make this happen and it may change some more. However, compare the numbers and ingredients. They are all the same great products you’ve been using.

    We thank you for your patience in advance. We may hit some bumps in the road but we’ll do our best to provide the products and service you deserve. As always, be sure to consult Lew Olson with your questions about your pets. Otherwise, feel free to contact us using the web form!


    Bob & Nancy Pasanan