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We believe that companion animals should be cared for as naturally as possible.

Cat Care

Our wildcrafted and organic herbal formulas, with flower essences, are carefully formulated to support your cat's health
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Cat Care

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Supplements for Daily Use

I hope to cover the minimum supplements needed for a dry dog food diet, a fresh food or raw diet and a combined diet of fresh and dry dog food ...
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How often do we see Rottweilers exhibiting dry flaking skin, thinning coats, running teary eyes, excessive foot licking, hot spots, chronic diar...
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Nutrition for Dogs with Cancer

This article is a review of five theories on nutrition in dogs with cancer. It is hoped by reading and reviewing these concepts, that a better u...
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Online Video Courses

Online Video Courses

Check out Lew Olson’s Easy-to Follow on-line video courses - Cooked Diets or Raw Food Diets. Now there is a fast and easy way to learn! Learn about Canine Nutrition and preparing Raw and Home Cooked Diets!

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Happy Customer

I've been using these vitamins in my girls/pwds raw diet for several years now. My girls are very healthy thanks to their Berte's Daily Blend. I recommend it to all of my friends/family, as well as my new puppy owners.

Tami B.Wisconsin